Finding a piece of art that you connect with is truly one of the joys of life.  You may find a literal connection, such as a reminder of an important place or event.  You may find an emotional connection, where there is no literal image but instead the art gives you a feeling, a tone that has impact with you.

Either way, having a piece of art that brings you joy hanging in your house can lift the entire space.  In quiet moments you can observe and appreciate its presence.  It can be a point of discussion with friends and guests for more social times.

Untitled - Blue and Orange - Acrylic on Canvas
Untitled – Blue and Orange.

Browse the artworks on this site on the Shop page.  See if you can find an image with flow, tone, and meaning that you enjoy, that has impact with you.

As with all art, the images are more powerful in person, take a look at the Events page to observe them personally.